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Deciding to buy a house or refinance a mortgage is a big step. You can trust us to lead you to the loan program that’s the right fit for you. We have a team of mortgage experts who are eager to assist you with this major financial commitment.

Last Updated: March 17, 2017

For guidance in selecting the best loan program for your unique situation. Although buying a new home can seem stressful, it can also bring a huge sense of accomplishment. Trust our team members to help. Getting the ideal mortgage loan can be as satisfying as being given the keys to your new house!

If you imagine that refinancing means becoming a high risk for multiple paper-cuts, think again! “Less paperwork and more individual attention” means you enter a headache-free zone from application to closing. If you want to lower your interest rate and monthly payment, we can guide you through the process and make it.

We can also help you pay down your balance more quickly for a similar monthly payment. Let our team members guide you to the ideal refinance loan! We will give you the personal service you deserve and treat you right. We understand you’re making a commitment in buying a house, refinancing, or cashing out your equity.

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We make a commitment to you

So we make a commitment to you: we can help you qualify, apply and be approved for the best mortgage for you.  When trying to purchase or refinance your home, it can be frustrating.  Unless you are a seasoned real estate professional, or have past experience in real estate purchase

or ownership, understanding a real estate transaction can be overwhelming.  Our goal on the website is to give you some straight forward answers to many of the questions associated with real estate transactions.  Mortgage payments are made up of a principal  and interest.

The Best Plan for any Type of Mortgage

The best plan for any type of mortgage is to minimize the amount of interest you pay -and lenders offer several ways to help do this: A larger down payment means your home ultimately costs less because a smaller mortgage means less interest. A shorter amortization, the period over which a loan is repaid.  A weekly or biweekly payment schedule, instead of monthly.

Additional lump sum payments. You don’t have to get your mortgage from the same place you have your savings or chequing accounts. Also, at the end of each term, you may be able to change the options of your mortgage, such as the payment schedule, the term, the rate, even who holds the mortgage.

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This means you may be able to assume (take over) the existing mortgage on the property. It may have attractive features, such as a lower interest rate than the prevailing market. In turn, an assumable mortgage may be a selling feature for you when you decide to move on in the housing market.


This lets you expand the principal on a first mortgage at the lenders agreed-upon rate of interest. This can be a cost-effective way to finance a home renovation. You take over the vendors mortgage as part of the price you pay for the house.

Assuming an Existing Mortgage

Assuming an existing mortgage is quick and saves you money on the usual mortgage arrangement fees, such as appraisals and legal fees. When you assume a mortgage, you don’t have to arrange financing from another lender and the rate on an existing mortgage may be lower than the prevailing market rate.